Why chemtrails?

There are several explanations offered to lend credence to the chemtrails conspiracy theory. I’ll list a few of them here, and I’ll leave it to the readers’ own common sense to judge whether these are even possible or not. If I’m able to withhold my opinions, that is, which I’m afraid that I can’t promise I’ll manage.

  1. Depopulation. Apparently, some people think that there’s a massive effort underway to depopulate the world, and it’s called the New World Order depopulation agenda. I refuse to give authors of this stuff credit with a link. If you want to unconfirm this, read about life expectancy developments, visit an old people’s home, visit a mortuary, or come up with some better ideas yourself. You’ll probably discover that people are getting older and older. However, they are also having fewer children. In fact, global population is expected to plateau around 2050 in any case, which is going to bring a host of new problems these guys don’t understand.
  2. Prevent global warming. According to some, chemtrails must be a massive geoengineering effort to prevent the world from overheating. But the chemicals used are really bad for us. One wonders how life expectancy increases while this is going on, or how athletes keep setting new world records for short and long distance sports when this is so poisonous. It’s such a successful cover up that nobody noticed, like, really nobody on this planet.
  3. Pollution. Some people are just so pissed off at pollution that they will consider it chemtrails, a cover up and government plot. I wish they’d work against pollution in a more productive way.

I’m sure there’s more. Leave info in the comments, and I will extend the article.

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