The Challenge

I’ve heard about chemtrails for many years. Someone has tagged chemtrails “warnings” by the roads where I live. Strangers have approached me in random places and informed me that the planes flying overhead are releasing mind control agents. Old friends have posted youtube videos in social media as “evidence”. Apparently, those mind control agents aren’t strong enough!?

It’s time to get serious: put your money where your mouth is

The time for slacktivism on your part has ended. Sharing and repeating others’ misinformation is just not good enough. Inventing evil schemes as the reasons behind real problems is unrealistic and terribly unconstructive.

Do you truly believe in chemtrails? Do you actually believe that the trails behind aircraft aren’t caused by ordinary exhaust fumes, but are caused by chemical or biological agents released in a covert program run by government agencies? If so, it’s time to get organized and put your money where your mouth is.

Reproducible is the key

You do believe that this is damaging you, your children, your friends, and everyone else on this planet, don’t you? That should certainly make it important enough to investigate properly, shouldn’t it? And please, enough of the uneducated claims about wrong spectral colors, youtube videos of fuel dumping, and so on. The time has come for some real, reproducible research from you to document your claims. Given the alleged scale of the problem, that shouldn’t be so difficult.

I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. There’s a lot of chemtrails conspiracy theorists out there. Get organized! With a few thousand of you chipping in, you should be able to afford to rent your own jet airplane. Make sure this plane doesn’t have any evil machinery, tanks or nozzles. Next, make sure the plane is tanked with fuel that you know is clean, simply analyze some before take off. Then you need to fly around for a while in different weather, carefully documenting the contrails. Please, don’t get this wrong! Document everything very carefully. Next, find some chemtrails conspiracy theorists who have NOT been part of the experiment, and in a double blind controlled test, ask them to select your “clean” contrail documentation from all the “chemtrail” documentation you have from ordinary aircraft. If they are able to pick out the right images, more often than by chance, in an open, controlled, well designed, well documented, reproducible double blind experiment, this will give cause for others to look into this further.
  2. Set up a kickstarter project, or something like that, to collect money for a project that you think will document chemtrails. Please, don’t do a bad job of your initial work! Find out what all the possible pitfalls are before any work starts, and make sure everything is open, documented and reproducible. In fact, you probably ought to run a pre-project to find out how to run the main project, and what the costs will be. Collect the necessary money, run your experiments, and publish your results. Good luck!

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    • I’m not sure that a document that calls for cooperation, regulation and transparency, and is published in a publicly accessible part of a Government website, can really be cited as evidence for the existence of a secret global conspiracy of the New World Order 🙂

    • there is no evidence that the trails we see behind jet engines has anything to do with geoengineering. the trails act just like contrails. why link them to geoengineering if there is no evidence that they are related to any such project. assumption and speculation are not enough!

  2. Can you point out which part of that document proves that contrails are not exhaust fumes?

    Geoengineering is being discussed by scientists and policy makers, this is no secret. But it is not being done on a global scale, or even a very large scale. If you think otherwise, why don’t you prove it?

    • Thomas, Thats a bit like saying solid stuff is made of matter. *Everything* in the world is a chemical of some sort.

  3. You might want to re-write this a little. Although it is sometimes (though rarely) possible to see exhaust fumes from a jet, con-trails are not exhaust. They are streams of ice crystals formed when the air is disturbed by the plane’s passage. They are more like small clouds. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. That’s what they really are. Go look it up. I think the idea of this blog is clever enough that I book-marked it, but you really don’t need to ham-string yourself with this basic error or misunderstanding at the very foundation.

    • No, contrails are not caused by distubing the air and causing ice crystals. Contrails result from the combustion of jet fuel in an oxygen environment. Jet fuel is a long carbon chain kerosene form called dodecane with a chemical formula of C12H26. Those Hs in the formula stand for hydrogen. The earth’s atmosphere is about 20% oxygen. So, take the hydrogen in the dodecane, add oxygen in the presence of an ignition source and you get H2O. Exhaust that H2O at 39,000 feet or so, where the ambient temperature is (right now over Miami) -107F, and you have, through the miracle of basic high school chemistry, formed an ice cloud. I think it’s that basic high school chemistry part that gets the chemtrailers.

    • it hard work to try to convince those who just dont or wont beleive what is in front of them ive had real battle`s with my own friend`s and family about such matter`s but dont lose heart be strong and true and keep spreading the truth

  4. So far as I understood it, contrails weren’t just caused by the aircraft’s passage, but by water generated by the combustion of the fuel and expelled from the exhaust of the aircraft condensing mid-air.

    Regardless, this chemtrails thing is utter lunacy. I’m glad someone is challenging such patent bullshit.

    • @Ricochet – I can accept that you might have started seeing lines in the sky in 1995, but I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and contrails were common back then, too. This whole chemtrail conspiracy nonsense is what started in the 90’s, contrails have been around ever since planes have been flying at those altitudes.

      • The 1990’s is the time when jets were changing from straight turbines to quieter high bypass turbo fans, I’m not an engineer but I would venture a guess that the exhaust Temps are different from the older jet engines, and so are the contrails.
        I am an aircraft mechanic with 25 years of experience, if there were actually chemtrails they would need tanks in which the “chemicals” would be loaded, I can assure you that there are no such ” chemtrail fluid tanks” on airliners. One Web site shows “nozzles clearly visible behind the exhaust” what they don’t know (because they aren’t mechanics) is that most every aircraft have collection cans for engine drains to keep drainage off the ground, these are drained by airflow in the exhaust stream.

  5. First read the government website under the data tab, talks about why they spray this way and that way (control plume movement)…

    Next watch lately the spraying in my town has been hit harder than I have ever seen before. Spraying continuously from morning til after dark and the sky is a haze. So I took my camara out. You have to see what I have discovered, my photo album is on FB but not done with all the images but you will see the elements falling from the sky. Insanity! Take your camara out use shutter flash on feature and point the lense straight into the air, you will get amazing photos.After dusk falls look at your camara, the flash, and the area around it… will see, not in the photo, but in real time silver sprakles like snow flakes in head lights. Have some take pictures of the area your standing in with cell, it looks like a dusty haze but to your naked eye it is clear, to your camara it is full of circular elements. What can they be? Zoom in on my pictures……… Looking beyond that and just randomly shooting trying to catch more circle orbs things, I noticed hologram like images in what would seem to be a flat cloud coverage……..check out the patents posted on this webpage and the variety of elements they are working on….is this linking the mysterious sounds people may be hearing…..why would they need to develop a thin film like substance in the air, another patent device to spray them, another laser lights to display certain aspects, chemicals found in holograms, is this how the false flag of aliens coming is going down, check out the images in the sky pics on my FB page, this is only a few, try it yourself, you will be amazed! Some look drawn write in, others have the 3D cloud formation but here is a few links to patents, just check out the May dates 22nd and 28th
    search: image forming or holograms, titania nanotubes,

    If you have a way to post/attach pictures on here…it would create this discovery of mine more effective.

  6. Hi all!
    I found this report to be interesting and is perhaps the closest thing I’ve seen so far to the scientific evidence you are seeking (assuming you believe the data presented).

    For the record, I’m open to any possibilities now that I know the extent to which we have been deceived in the past.
    I’m also open to the possibility of the whole chemtrail conspiracy being a RED HERRING to distract vigilant citizens away from more serious issues like our fraudulent banking system, the corporate takeover of our food supply, and the criminalization of natural medicine. btw. If any of you are oblivious to these real issues, then forget about ever seeing even a sliver of truth in chemtrail theories.

    Anywho, the report researcher was utilizing Flight Explorer, which tracks commercial flights in real time (military/covert flights are NOT shown) and measured the length of time observed contrails take to dissipate.
    His data shows that contrails resulting from planes NOT showing up on Flight Explorer (ie. covert flights) do not dissipate as fast as contrails resulting from planes tracked by Flight Explorer (ie. regular comercial flights). This would seem to indicate a different chemical composition of the “covert” planes’ contrails.

    Anyone can undertake the same research methods without any need to spend money on planes and fuel as you suggest ($9.99/mth fee for Flight Explorer-Personal Edition), but I don’t suppose this method will result in data that the masses will believe unless they actually make the observations for themselves.
    But hell, for all I know the military jets may simply have performance additives that create longer-lasting contrails…

    I do find it interesting that there are no historical photos (pre-1990’s) of the extensive waffle-patterned contrails that people are seeing today.
    I was utterly fascinated by contrails as a kid in the 80’s and loved watching them dissipate on a hot, lazy summer day—but nowadays most of the contrails I see are not dissipating…hense the reason I found this page and many others while looking for truth.

    If any of you have the time to duplicate the research method as posted above (or using a better method) I’d love to know if your results are similar or not. I’ll be checking this page occasionally—maybe if I’m able to retire someday I’ll have time to duplicate the research method myself.

  7. Geoengineering is real and many methods have been researched. The ‘chemtrail’ conspiracy is basically what geoengineers cal SRM (solar radiation management) and this involves spraying particulates into the air to reflect sunlight. Geoenginnering is being done all around the world for various reasons and has been happening for years. Here is a link from mainstream press to what China was doing in 2009 ––blankets-Beijing-snow.html

  8. Time for you Chemtrail believers to come clean on Clifford Carnicom and A. C Griffith,on a site called Metabunk,even though I do not agree with them in some terms,why is Clifford Carnicom and A. C. Griffith linked together,quoting Jay Reynolds from Metabunk:

    They need to look more closely at Clifford Carnicom, he worked for many years for the Feds and the Defense Department. Carnicom is closely allied to A.C. Griffith, who says he works with the CIA and NSA.

    Nobody has done more to infect the chemtrails crowd with tinfoil associations than Carnicom. He and A.C Griffith actually began the false claim that “chemtrails” contain barium:…nto-chemtrails

    What Forgette and Dicicco need to understand is that they have caught a hoax started by Caricom and A.C. Griffith, who similarly infected the mt. Shasta Crowd, who then, abetted by Michael J. Murphy, have spread the hoax even wider.

    What the other followers of this lawsuit need to understand is that all of these connections will eventually come out and will be examined and once known, the whole house of cards will come tumbling out. Everyone involved will be ruined, their credibility shot, they will become laughingstocks, even moreso than theyare already.

    That is where this lawsuit is headed, and most likely Rosalind Peterson is simply just barely smart enough to figure this out.

    If that is true then it means the Chemtrail Hoax came out of the intel agencies themselves

  9. The people I know that believe in “chemtrails” also happen to refute any and all official or logical explanations to the contrary. Despite being able to independently look into both the official and alternative theories they choose to only look at the alternative as “The Government” is simply never to be trusted despite the alternative being to place all their trust in faceless and anonymous websites with no proof whatsoever other than poorly written second-hand anecdotes.

    One read a general practitioner’s handbook from the 1930s which had a remedy for a common children’s ailment listed as something along the lines of “feed the child some mercury”. The fact that this is no longer recommended by anyone sane was deemed proof of a cover-up, and not because people worked out that it’s just plain bad for you. Especially for children.

    A friend was conversing with a mental health professional in regards to the health of the people mentioned above, and without being prompted she asked him if these people were seeing “chemtrails”!

    Upon acknowledging that this was the case, the health worker then stated that it is a surprisingly pervasive subject of focus of many troubled patients who have gone through the mental health system.

    Despite giving them the courtesy of watching their ‘documentaries’ and reading their ‘research’, they have not given me the same courtesy – even when what I have offered to show them is backed by independent verification (e.g.

    They don’t seem to realise that their attitude towards any contrary information makes them in practice appear as bad as the supposed chemical-wielding black-suited “new world order” airline pilots they claim to be so against.

    Frankly, they don’t want to hear it. When asked “well, what are you going to do about it?” the responses given are along the lines of “they (scientists) work for the government or the Rothschilds” and “maybe you’re just not ready”. It’s evasive and it shows they are not willing to adjust their view regardless of logic, reason or basic science.

    I applaud the site owner for giving conspiracy theorists a practical and feasible method by which they could obtain scientifically recognized, peer-reviewed proof of the existence of not only the mind-altering substances in “chemtrails”, or even the weather altering chemicals supposedly contained within “chemtrails”.

  10. I see several geoengineering believers have weighed in, basically wagging a finger at you for questioning their belief. But I haven’t seen anyone take up the challenge! Has that happened? Is or any other organization stepping forward? And if not…can some one explain WHY? I don’t understand why anyone would hesitate to do this work if they honestly want to see it stop. Is it possible they like the fear? And that facts would take that away? I simply don’t understand. Why hasn’t this been done dozens of time?

    • I posted a site that shows the equipment in the cabin area. Pics that show CONTAINERS connected to a network of pipes/hoses. That was over 3 weeks ago . . .Is there selective censorship going on ?

  11. Hi Everybody !
    A picture is worth a 1000 arguments !!! I SINCERELY HOPE you can DEBUNK these pics. I think we can all “Safely” ASSUME these planes are NOT crop sprayers . . .

  12. Oh Yeah, I fortgotsky, these pics SHOULD dispel the illusion that the jet engines are the CULPRITS of contamination. Although, I MUST admit that jet exhaust DOES inject additional Carbon Dioxide into the Atmosphere . . .

    Keep your eyes on this post, and we’ll SEE what the ” moderators” come up with . . . . . . . .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. . ….!!!!?

  14. It’s fascinating to see WHICH postings get the most exposure. By the same token, EVEN photos of the inside of Geoengineering planes seem to have no effect. I wonder WHICH “debunking” explanation will “win” . . .

  15. I get the impression from chemtrail cryers and believers of other ridiculous conspiracy theories that the reason they refuse to accept or even listen to facts that disprove their claims is because they actually want (or even need) these myths to be true. Perhaps without their conspiracies and an evil new world order plot to blame they have no purpose in life?

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