Chemtrails in NYC?

I’m curious. Were any of the expected chemtrails chemicals or biological agents detected in Lower Manhattan after 9/11?

Didn’t think so.

Oh, right, that was a conspiracy too, wasn’t it? Aren’t you beginning to feel a bit like Jim Carrey in The Truman Show?

7 thoughts on “Chemtrails in NYC?

  1. They are spraying something in the air and that’s a fact. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I’m also not a blind man either. I have sat out on my porch in Vail Colorado for eight years watching them making grids in the sky day after day. And I have watched the stuff create a haze that lasts for hours. I have also watched several jets run out of whatever it is that they a spraying and watched the trail that they were leaving disappear immediately. Furthermore I was in the navy and I was stationed on an aircraft carrier and I absolutely know the difference between jet wash and whatever it is that the are spraying. Here is my challenge to whoever created this website. Stop looking for all kinds of evidence backed by scientists and whoever. Just pull your head out of your ass and look up. Unless of course you are blind.

    • So you claim that because you believe the trails look different from what you’ve seen before, and because the trails suddenly start and stop, there’s some conspiracy? This is purely irrational, and now that you’ve shared your credentials, there’s no reason to think you’re correct.

      As I’ve said, if you think there’s a separate spraying subsystem in the planes, this should be easy enough to demonstrate. Can you even begin to imagine the infrastructure that would be necessary to produce, distribute, tank and spray such chemicals without letting a shred of evidence reach the general public?

      Have you ever heard of a conspiracy theorist who admits there’s a chance they could be conspiracy theorists? I think you need to do some serious investigations, and some serious soul searching.

      But like everyone else, you’ll probably never publicly take the challenge.

      • Of course they will never take the challenge. The chemtrailers are snivelling little basement dwellers who try to explain their inadequacies by blaming them on “somebody” somewhere, spraying “something” that reduces them to paranoid, anti -science luddites with the critical thinking skills of a low-grade, dull-normal paramecium.

    • Of course there are contrail “grids” overhead in Vail. High altitude Jet Airways J-60 and J-80 run east west right over Vail and J-206 intersects them running North-South. Q-134 and Q-136 and J-16 are a little offset to the North and run E/W. J-28 and Q-128 are a little offset to the South. Q-154 is off to the West. You see so many because Red Table VORTAC, which is a part of the high altitude enroute airway structure is just South of you.

  2. Stop looking for all kinds of evidence backed by scientists and whoever.

    Just about says it all when it comes to these types, doesn’t it?

    • Dude, seriously? This video is meant to be evidence of a global conspiracy? Was this the best evidence you could post?

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