Immoral debunkers?

After I posted on chemtrails believers moral obligation, a thread started at a forum that appears to harbour a lot of conspiracy theorists. It makes for entertaining and enlightening reading.

In an odd twist of logic, a chemtrails believer thinks debunkers must be the immoral ones. Observe this post by Goldcurrent; a member of, in a post at

Immoral debunkers?

Amazingly, this conspiracy theorist feels he is being blocked by debunkers!? Unlike the rest of the free world, Goldcurrent appears to hold debate as destructive rather than constructive.

First of all, if something is debunked, it is shown to be wrong, so he clearly wrote this wrong, otherwise he says he’d believe it even after it’s debunked. That would be a classic classic conspiracy theorist approach, but not one that I’d think is consciously chosen.

And contrary to what he says, I’d say I’m helping him think straight, not blocking anything at all. I would hope any chemtrails believers would be nudged in the direction of actually proving any claims they have by posts such as these, rather than tirelessly digging themselves deeper into a conspiracy hole together with other believers.

Conspiracy theorists, why won’t you take the challenge?

For the record, I don’t consider myself a debunker. I challenge claims, I haven’t debunked anything. But time will help me, if nobody ever meets the challenge, there’s nothing to believe any more.

One thought on “Immoral debunkers?

  1. Great website – there’s no arguing with true believers though. Try pointing out the massive increase in air pollution from coal burning and other anthropogenic sources and you’ll be ignored. Mention that even trained meteorologists shy from personal cloud observations, and the reply will be “I know the sky is different – I can remember how it looked 30 years ago perfectly”.
    Is it a symptom of the failure of education in this country to inculcate the most basic understanding of scientific principles? Is it a manifestation of anti intellectualism that has been so devastatingly popular in this country? (and here’s a question for your readers: What percentage of chemtrail believers are from the US?).
    Like HAARP project conspiracy theorists, a little basic physics would dispel the clouds of unreason surrounding these issues, but alas, reason has been in short supply in this country for a long time now…..

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