Your moral obligation!

If you sincerely believe there is a chemtrails conspiracy going on, you have a moral obligation. If you think there’s an unhealthy operation led by government agencies that is making us sick or controlling our minds (or both), you really have to do something about it.

Your moral obligation is to document what is happening, in a way that is convincing. Reproducible findings documenting release of non-exhaust chemicals might be one way to do that. Sharing links to 100 page long government working group documents about geoengineering or weather modification is not enough. Pictures and videos of contrails in the sky are not convincing, the contrails are there because the air is a busy place. Insinuations are not enough!

How can you sit back and watch while this is taking place? How can you NOT do the real work you know is necessary, when people are getting ill, perhaps even you and your family? How can you not organize and do the real, open, well planned and reproducible research necessary? What are you doing that is more important?

This moral obligation does not apply to me, because I sincerely do not believe this is taking place. It’s up to you and your peers to design a methodology to document that this is happening, so that chemtrails doubters can be convinced.

This is the challenge. I honestly don’t think you’ll manage. Surprise me!

13 thoughts on “Your moral obligation!

  1. Another cheap and easy way to get real evidence would be the use of weather-baloons with something applied that could take air-samples. I think a small vacuum-cleaner with a hepa-filter attached on it would do the job.

    It´s absolutely simple to start a helium-balloon, a teenager from rumania done that some weeks ago:

    In Germany, Radio-Amateurs regullary starting smal self-build probes on weather-balloons with Sensors, Cameras, transmitters etc. an example:

  2. Thank you for your blog. I am not a scientist or pilot, but just a concerned citizen and I agree that anyone with more knowledge and understanding than I has an equal moral obligation to uncover corruption and inform the public of danger. I am posting this link and challenging anyone who can to confirm or deny it.
    Letter from 1999 (with a 2010 update) to the New Mexico Attorney General from M. Kim Johnson, Physicist with mention of consultation with a Sandia National Laboratory scientist and retired general and fighter pilot who is an Air Force Hall of Fame Member inducted in at the same time as Neil Armstrong and former President Ford.

    I am aware that those who believe in a conspiracy would simply say that that this just proves the corruption at the highest levels of government. Any takers?

  3. To confirm that ‘something’ is being sprayed from airplanes, go get a job as ground crew or maintenance at any commercial airport. That should give you ample opportunity to observe jets up close. If something is being sprayed, there has to be a receptacle in the plane for these chemicals. It has to be filled and have maintenance done on it like every other part of a plane. Where are these chemicals stored before they are loaded on the plane? Or, go be a janitor someplace where aircraft are built, and observe closely. Go interview some pilots; ask them how they know when to spray and ask them to show you where the chemical compartment is.

    • Don’t be silly — the pilots will deny knowing about any of that because they’re obviously part of the conspiracy.

      • When tens of thousands of people connected with the aircraft and air transportation industries are involved (and all keeping mum,) it isn’t a conspiracy, it has to be a policy.

        • So, you’re telling me that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people around the world (pilots, mechanics, load masters, management, etc…) are involved, and not a SINGLE person has come forward? Strange, especially considering how popular whistle blowing has become.

  4. It just so happens that I am a trained and licensed aircraft mechanic, and was working in the field for 7 years on the following aircraft, doing airframe work and turbine engine overhaul:

    Boeing 707, 727, 737, 757, 767
    Lear 21, 23, 35
    Fairchild Metroliner
    British Aerospace 125
    Lockheed JetStar

    …and several others.

    I have NEVER seen any mechanism in a commercial airliner, commercial freighter, or business jet (other than the fuel dump system in airplanes that have them) that could disperse chemicals. I was familiar with the various aircraft from nose to tail, we saw every inch of them. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep such a system secret from maintenance personnel. The only dispersal system I have ever seen is on cropdusters, and it’s certainly not any secret what they are up to. They do have the craziest pilots, though.

    • Government planes? That’s why ALL jets and turboprops leave contrails… ALL OF THEM.

      So, please explain this… if only government jets pull ‘chemtrails’ then where do all of these commercial jets which take off over my house at the magnitude of one every two minutes go? Some magical worm hole?

  5. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I am a chemtrailer conspiracy enthusiast because sometimes I can not find the right creative outlet for my imagination. It still amazes me what crap I can spout and back it up with as little as “what they don’t want you to know” or “they deny because they’re in on it”. It’s like writing the perfect novel where I don’t have to fact check or worry about implausibility or physics and every sub plot can be explained away by using “It’s true, just look up” or, “the naysayers are on the payroll”.

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