Why chemtrails?

There are several explanations offered to lend credence to the chemtrails conspiracy theory. I’ll list a few of them here, and I’ll leave it to the readers’ own common sense to judge whether these are even possible or not. If I’m able to withhold my opinions, that is, which I’m afraid that I can’t promise I’ll manage.

  1. Depopulation. Apparently, some people think that there’s a massive effort underway to depopulate the world, and it’s called the New World Order depopulation agenda. I refuse to give authors of this stuff credit with a link. If you want to unconfirm this, read about life expectancy developments, visit an old people’s home, visit a mortuary, or come up with some better ideas yourself. You’ll probably discover that people are getting older and older. However, they are also having fewer children. In fact, global population is expected to plateau around 2050 in any case, which is going to bring a host of new problems these guys don’t understand.
  2. Prevent global warming. According to some, chemtrails must be a massive geoengineering effort to prevent the world from overheating. But the chemicals used are really bad for us. One wonders how life expectancy increases while this is going on, or how athletes keep setting new world records for short and long distance sports when this is so poisonous. It’s such a successful cover up that nobody noticed, like, really nobody on this planet.
  3. Pollution. Some people are just so pissed off at pollution that they will consider it chemtrails, a cover up and government plot. I wish they’d work against pollution in a more productive way.

I’m sure there’s more. Leave info in the comments, and I will extend the article.

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2 thoughts on “Why chemtrails?

  1. My personal favorite is the theory that chemtrails disperse the nanorobots that cause Morgellons syndrome. I’m not sure how well that holds up in chemtrail circles though, I know it more from the Morgellons side. It’s a good one because it doubles down on the craziness, adding some delusional parisitosis to the paranoia.

  2. What I have found is that they don’t really care what the explanation is. They will throw all sorts of different insane shit about. I was on a forum debating someone on this issue, and when it was depopulation, making people sick, etc., I said “well, if there is a secret group that wants to depopulate people for some reason, why would they not simply put chemicals in the water supply, which would keep them from poisoning themselves? Also, as they are suspiciously only doing this in areas that already have heavy air traffic, which is generally in first world countries – why would a population control program not focus on large poor populations, which are breeding so rapidly in the third world?

    So then it was weather modification, and that is just “why would a secret group want to modify the weather?”, and there is of course no answer, because these people don’t think that far.

    Anyway, we finally got to the point where he proposed that maybe the whole purpose was to block out the sun, so that people get seasonal affected disorder-like depression, and thus buy more Prozac.

    And this “I don’t know why, but it is happening” is standard. They really don’t seem to care. They just get off on the idea that someone else is responsible for all their personal problems.

    But this is mass psychosis. The whole thing. And I can’t believe how many people are into it. The numbers are rising.

    You might appreciate this clip:


    It basically disproves the whole stupid thing. But they will respond to that by saying that in 1980, the secret group was already planning this project (which supposedly started in 1999), and so they planted that news report on the television in preparation. They no doubt had already known Youtube was going to exist, and that there would be a big drive on the internet to expose the secret chemical spraying, and so they needed a plan to counter this internet campaign. In 1980.

    There isn’t really a way to prove this isn’t happening. All you can do is prove that nothing at all would be different about the way the sky looks if it was or wasn’t happening. So the burden of proof is on them. And yet when you ask them for evidence, it is “do you have evidence it isn’t happening?” A Russell’s Teapot/Spaghetti Monster scenario.

    Interestingly, they have not a single scientist supporting this theory. I have been very interested in “fringe” type information for a long time – I honestly think there is validity to a good number of the claims presented within the internet counter-culture – and all of the different theories have some form or other of expert support. Intelligence analysts, engineers, first responders, etc. came out and criticized the official 9/11 narrative. The climate skeptics, presenting an opposition to the claims of the IPCC, have hordes of real scientists to support their position. Even those who question the 6 million death count for Jews in the Holocaust have real historians who will offer real arguments for why they believe what they believe. Hell, there are a whole shitload of scientists that believe we’re being visited by aliens. But when it comes to “chemtrails”, you have none of that – just a bunch of gibbering crazies who don’t even have a hypothesis to explain what they believe is happening, or why it would be happening. Just “zomg look the clouds are different in the sky!! The bad people are hurting us!!!”

    Anyway, keep it up. You could offer some kind of reward. Just say 700 million dollars. If they were going to prove it, they already would have done so.

    Seriously though, if you made it $1000, or something, you could probably get some people trying to work on it. At the very least, it would be something that the rest of us could point to in our ridiculous debates with this paranoid psychotics.

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