Fuel dumping is not chemtrails

Here’s a typical chemtrail misunderstanding. According to the poster, this video is proof that chemtrails are not contrails, because it shows “chemtrail sprayers filmed from inside several different jets spraying chemicals.” However, this video shows planes dumping fuel, which happens on some occasions, for understandable reasons. This is not documentation of some organized secret scheme. This is a misguided effort by a confused individual.

Interestingly, upon having the error pointed out in the comments, the person who posted the video redefines chemtrails to include anything that is released in the atmosphere, saying “chemtrails by any other name are still chemicals sprayed into the air. call it a fuel dump call it stratospheric aerosols call it white powder from heaven call it contrails call it anything you like it is still chemicals sprayed into the air.”

So now chemtrails and pollution are the same? Don’t get me wrong, I welcome efforts to reduce pollution, but mixing up conspiracy theories is not helping the posters argument. In fact, quite the contrary!

6 thoughts on “Fuel dumping is not chemtrails

  1. Noooooooooo….my favourite band used to support my most hated consiracy!!!! The pain…..the pain!!!!!!!!

    I had a family member, in the middle of a family picture as I was about to leave for Asia for a year, dart inside the house, shuffle through the drawer to find binoculars, run outside and follow a 747 in the sky for multiple minutes muttering to himself that we “sheep” didnt understand what we were facing.

    Its not just bad science, its not just conspiracy…..its heart breaking when it hits home.

    • Your question comes across as almost wilfully ignorant. Has anyone claimed that all contrails are fuel dumps? No, they are usually exhaust fumes, including water vapor which is also a byproduct of burning fuel. In the video above, however, the plane is dumping fuel. This is a relatively rare occurrence.

      Uneducated discussions like this maintain myths. Please try to understand the opposing view.

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