8 thoughts on “Chemtrails Challenge – First post

  1. Your Site has a good concept for a Blog about a topic that is so missused on other Blogs.

    “Bruder im Geiste” 😀

    greetings from Germany

  2. Good luck for your project! I suppose, you, like me, would be one of the first people to appologize to be a non-believer of this chemtrail stuff, if, and only if, there were one realy proof…

    Nice to know about your challenge – but I have an idea, that there will never be someone to rise to this challenge. But you will have lots of people claiming that you are mean to not accept their proofs. Wanna bet that?

  3. Markus, thanks for bringing up an important point. Only I wouldn’t apologize, because there’s nothing to apologize for. The current chemtrails believers should apologize for not doing the required work sooner!

    However, as you point out, with good enough evidence, I would be a fervent anti-chemtrails activist! At this time, though, it is truly unbelievable.

    I hope someone will take the challenge. As I have recently noted, they have a moral obligation to do so. Still, no bets. 😉

  4. You’re wasting your time. Anyone stupid enough to still believe in chemtraills is too stupid to have a rational exchange about them.

  5. I think mk is right – if a person is dumb enough to believe in any chemtrails conspiracy, that person is unlikely to be able to produce coherent proofs, but I admire your effort in squashing the silly stuff!

    My own efforts are usually aimed at hitting people with something hard whenever “orbs” in photographs are brought up or trying to explain exactly why people draw the wrong conclusions about the Moon landings! (I’m a photographer, so I guess I’m somewhat qualified talking about photographic effects…)

  6. Olle: I saw one orb web site a few years back that helpfully had photos with EXIF tags intact. Don’t remember all the details of the examples. I remember that quite a few were > 1/2 second exposures with a flash. It was a lot of fun.

  7. Olle, mk,
    I realize I won’t be convincing many conspiracy theorists with this site. But if some people who aren’t yet convinced can find some critical information, that’s worth the effort!

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