Chemtrails after San Francisco plane crash?

Recently there was a plane crash in San Francisco. Surely, detectable levels of the evil chemicals they are spraying were released? Was anyone there to measure? Let me know, because I’m curious.

It just seems, once again, that chemtrails conspiracy theorists are just lazy. I truly don’t think anyone has even tried to measure, even though it would have been very strong evidence to support the chemtrails case. Perhaps one of the pictures of the broken plane reveals a hidden infrastructure? Didn’t think so. 

If you’re one of the chemtrails believers, this is for you: you’re full of assumptions, and seem less than eager to bother trying to actually confirm or refute anything. That’s a poor combination. The only “evidence” is the blindingly obvious: air planes spew exhaust fumes,  including water vapour. You can continue filming that and sticking it on YouTube, but you’re really not convincing anyone.

If you’re going to do anything, do it properly! Take the challenge! I dare you. Get organized. Or is that too difficult?

Quick poll – respond in 30 seconds

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